lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017


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It has been such a long time! sorry for disappearing but I bring you another beauty review! Yay

I have curly fine hair and I decided due to this unstoppable need of taming my mane I tried the keratin treatment in the form of a spray, and afterwards the


But... how does it work, and did it work?

Discover it here:

First: it is not a cheap treatment. I went to one of the best salons for this and this treatment is over $150 so prepare your wallet for the diet.

Second: if you have curly hair like mine and you use an FDA or EUR regulated product , I can assure you will need a second treatment, which is not nice. This can cost you money so make sure to make things clear with your hairdresser.
This second treatment will be really needed if you want your hair to be less frizzy and crazy looking.

This is due to the health regulations avoiding high concentrations of formol in beauty products. It is a potent toxic chemical compound and it will be added to your hair, so beware of allergies or any other kind of reactions. For me, I asked my hairdresser to apply the product 1-2 cm away from the roots, so it would not be absorbed by the scalp during the treatment and the next days: you can't wash your hair for 3 days at least after the treatment.

How does the brazilian keratin permanent straightening work:

The ingredients according to my hairdresser are a little formol, which activates the straightening with heat, 2% or under.
Keratin that repairs the hair fibre structure.
Collagen that repairs and nourishes the hair fibre.

1-Washing the hair and cleaning off residues with a special shampoo.
2- Blow drying the hair upside down so you realize how horribly frizzy it can become when someone does the blow dry upside down. Don't worry. Your real hair is not that bad.
3- Apply the brazilian keratin hair straightening mix thing to your hair with a brooch.
4- Blow dry and comb the hair straight.
5- Flat iron the hair so the product is absorbed and fixated in the hair fibre structure.
6- Not washing your hair during at least 72 h and using the flat iron 1-2 times a day to help the product penetrate the hair follicle and also keep it straight.
7- Use a sulfate and salts free shampoo afterwards. This can cost you extra money so be aware!!!
And ta-daaa, you are finished! 

Final result: A much less frizzy hair. The curls relax and it is a lot more straight. It can happen that the curls relax as in my case and the hair looks frizzy straight.

My experience: I have very fine hair so it does not fall down but instead I ended up with a Lion Queen mane and I had to repeat the treatment twice or three times, I don't even recall right now. My hairdresser wanted to charge me around $20 per extra treatment and finally after promising me a super straight hair even for afro hair, my hair is messy.
The final result for my fine curly 2B hair has not been straight, but at least is not curly. Less frizzy but lots of drying and then also hair iron.

Did it really do what the hairdresser claimed? No.
Did it help me tame my crazy head? Yes, definitely.
Was it worth it? I guess it is less of a mess now.
Do I feel satisfied? I feel somehow lied to. No, I am not 100% satisfied. A little disappointed sometimes.

So, this was my experience with the Brazilian permanent keratin straightening.

What was yours?

Share so we all learn!!

Take care! xoxo

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

5 tips to make your HAIR GROW FASTER! Put your scalpbelts on (PART 1)

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So, have you ever wondered why you can't grow your hair past a certain length?
How it looks weak or breaks after it passes your shoulders?

Today, with all the pollution and chemicals we are surrounded with, plus stress, etc, no wonder why our hair does not look or grow like in the past. It is difficult to grow and once it is growing it is difficult to mantain! To keep a nice mane in order one has to spend a kidney in treatments... and then maintain it!

Today I share with you some tips so the process becomes easier for you. Keep them in mind and apply as frequently as you can so your hair can notice the improvements sooner than later!


The use of this protein in shampoos, once known for being a component in horse's shampoo, has opened many eyes and emptied many wallets!
And for a reason!

Biotin actually improves the quality of hair and also helps the body keep it healthy from the inside. But don't drink the shampoo bottle! You can also have some biotin  supplements which will help you as well.


This is a personal favorite and it really is easy and cheap to do and easy to use as well! It really makes a difference!

Here is the recipe:
Chop an onion in tiny pieces (as tiny as you can). I just put it in the blender and it comes right.
Empty half a bottle of your shampoo, mix the onion residue or the juice without the solids.
Leave in a fresh and dry area for about 15 days, mixing the contents of the bottle from time to time.
Once it has a purple colour, apply as a regular shampoo!

Tip: if it smells very strong for you, you can also try the commercial versions of onion shampoo.

It contains the sulfur compounds that help your scalp produce a lot of hair, faster!
Just try and see the results in some weeks.


What? You can lengthen your hair through your diet??

Yes, you can. Actually you are doing it right now. Whatever you eat actually affects how your body works, and so a nice diet full of vegetables, vitamins in the right dosage and good protein will make not only your hair, but also your skin and all your organs be full of health and happiness!

Make small changes, improve, and enjoy!

4- SCALP TREATMENTS (protein masks and scalp stimulants)

Not so famous in the market for stimulating hair growth but to treat hair loss, treatments that apply directly to the scalp really make a difference in how and how fast your hair is developing and growing.
Imagine your scalp as the soil your hair roots are dug in, so the better you nourish the soil, the faster and healthier the plants will grow! Don't be shy and try a few treatments to see the difference!


As weird as it seems, a reduction in the stress levels helps the body recover faster.

Yes, I know you have heard this thousands and millions of times, and I know it's almost impossible to relax in our everyday world.
But taking things with a different attitude really helps a lot. Taking some minutes for yourself and not every second of the day for others also is a good choice when you need to feel happier.

Try the little changes, and if you can practice some sport, meditation, breathing or mindfulness techniques, please DO!

Your hair and also your brain will definitely notice, you will see!

For now these are the first 5 pieces of advice I could learn from everywhere literally. Over all things keep your treatments going as often as you can until they are part of your routine. You will see a huge difference!

So far, have you tried any? Did they work for you?

Let us know and share the love!

Take care,

xoxo Amy xoxo

NATURAL HAIR REMOVAL technique -yogurt and honey- review and results!

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Hello lovelies!

It has been a crazy time these days, had to struggle with several tasks and job so I couldn't find the time for more posts and reviews!

But this time I tried something new (as always), and I couldn't resist the temptation to post!

-Hair removal using yogurt and honey!
-Honey hair lightening
-Coconut water and cornstarch hair straightening mask (about to try!)

So, this is for the first one of the things...

So yeah, this blog is mostly about hair removal apparently, and it does not sound so kawaii after all! T_T it's kind of disappointing, isn't it?

But also, isn't hair removal going to make us cuter?

So, there it goes:

who said it was only good for breakfast? spread it ! 

What you need:



Mix a spoon of yogurt and a spoon of honey, mix it well and once it is an homogeneous paste just put it on your face on the areas you want to remove the hair.

It will look suspicious.

Leave it there for at least 15 minutes or until it has dried. Once the paste is dry and sticky, wet your hands or fingers, pat on sugar and start exfoliating the thing out! 

I have to admit I used a pumice stone and now I have super cute scars as I exfoliated too much :(

But with sugar there will be no problem!!


A clear, moisturized, hairless skin.

How it works:

Well this is simple, the paste becomes sticky and while it moisturizes your skin it gets stuck on the hair. Once you remove it it takes the hair with it and ta daaa, no pain and the hair is gone!
Also you can use flavored yogurt so it smells fruity and lovely.

So, there it is! Simple and fast way to remove your facial hair. Painless (so much better than the usual tweezers) and nice!

So tell us, have you tried it? And in that case, did it work the same for you?

I really like this method when it's hot as I hate chemicals and the hair lightener cream I use has a strong peroxide smell, it intoxicates me so much T_T  kawaii is cute but so much work

Keep it up and share your experience!

Take care,


xoxo Amy xoxo

lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

Sleek blush review! -blush in rose gold-

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What do you need to accentuate your cheek color and also give you a healthy appearance? 
The answer is ... BLUSH!


So after trying and looking some Rimmel blushes and even Nars Orgasm and similar ones, I found this one to be one of the most recommended and positively reviewed blushes of all! 

Went to a nice drugstore around and just tried it... and loved it! 

It comes in many colours, unfortunately, the other sleek blush colors were too flashy or strong for my taste, even the rose gold one seemed to be too much when tried on my hand.

But tried it and by recommendation of this girl in the shop and all the internet, I bought it. 


-it comes in powder texture but it really does not clog your pores or look cakey-
-it is very easy to apply, I am extra lazy and always in a rush so usually apply it with my fingers-
if you want it to last more just use a professional tool, brush or anything

-it is really shimmery!-
-it doesn't look unnatural at all, even for the ones against shimmery makeup like me-
-it gives you a healthy, baby glow-
-it lasts for hours even when applied on extremely dry skin. wow!-

-the sleek rose gold pressed powder blush looks very natural and the shimmery effect helps add some volume to your cheeks! it really makes you look healthier and more fresh, as if you were not tired-

-I apply it when I need to hide my natural anemia pale yellowish color and it works wonders!-

-And mos importantly, when correctly applied: YES! It lasts for hours!-

-it is extra cheap! compared to all the blushes range around it is one wonderful product with an excellent price-

-A little product does the trick for both cheeks so it is designed to last. Another advantage!-

So, I have to rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars! 

Because I am mean!

Nice and definitely would buy again. 

Buy it, try it, and look fresh tasty as a baby 

What about you? did you try this product?

Leave your own review and impressions as a comment and let's find the perfect makeup for all! 


xoxo Amy xoxo

domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

Ant egg oil confusing results. WHY AND WHAT (!?)

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Sorry for not publishing at all during some time! I have been extremely busy with work and trying to have a social life which did not happen because of a lack of time!

Is this a 21st century thing? I mean, we struggle to know everything about everything and to be and look perfect and obviously it is impossible but even so , sometimes it looks like that is exactly what is expected from us (people nowadays are even afraid of ugliness). So, how good can this stress inducing / pressuring society can sustain itself? I mean, we spend so much time producing and trying to produce more and better that sometimes we even forget about ourselves!

About priorities in life, or about the things we like, enjoy...
This happened to me and sometimes I don't even know what I like doing and even if I do, it seems impossible to enjoy due to the stress and anxiety for a decent survival and matching expectations of what "is supposed to be" . Actually, nothing is supposed to be and hey, we don't live in scarcity now in the developed countries but ... what price are we really paying? Are time banks going to officially be called time banks instead of "office" or "work" ?


And now, to the point. I would say sorry for the rant, but I am not sorry at all! Just wishing more people was aware that we all deserve more!

Anyway, on to the topic.

So as you might have read, I wrote some reviews on the ANT EGG OIL, I bought the Tala brand a couple of years ago seeing that I couldn't tame my hair anywhere, and I needed a change to achieve some freedom! Razor does not help and you can miss hair, so a long time ago I use this hair removal machine epilady stuff, full of fun especially the first times after using a razor.

Bleeding (yes some sensitive areas bleed when I remove the hair), pain, moisturiser, exfoliation and lots of time afterwards, decided to use the ant egg oil to reduce the speed in which my hair grows (African roots, dark hair, imagine that). It claims to do that at least!

So I have been using it for some time. First it was religiously used and yes, the first times I could notice a bigger difference, especially if you use it several days in a row and massage it every time for some minutes and not only leave it there to absorb, it does reduce the growth significantly.

But let's be honest, who in the world has the time and patience to dedicate 15 minutes or more to this routine during years apart from the rest of their beauty routine?

I have been using it in some areas like arms and also upper lip and well, I can say I guess there has been a difference and now my hair grows slower. How much slower or how much hair did not grow back since then?


How to evaluate when I don't let my hair grow long ?

I guess some of the hair takes a lot of time to grow now, instead of waving "hi" in one week or less. Yes, it did work in this way.


The thing is, some weeks ago and because I have a triangle shaped hair on my forehead and I don't like it, I wanted to remove some of the hair on it.

So, I pluck the hair out after my general hair removal routine, apply the ant egg oil everywhere I removed the hair, and...

The hair on my forehead did not grow back (?)
The rest of it, no difference.

But seriously... why.

Tala talk to me! Give me a sign of the secret in your magical ways.

OMG. I would love to know whatever happened. Just hope it is still healthy to do this?? I hope this happened in my upper lip thin hair instead because it is so awkward to have it there ... just... why?

So this is my update. Confusing. Effective. Picky af.

So, have you tried ant egg oil products? Did they work for you?  For how long ?

Tell us moreeeeee!!!

Love ,

xoxo  Amy xoxo

jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

About ant egg oil, sellers and suppliers...

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And so I am still using the thicky oily thing on some parts of my body after hair removal.

Ant egg oil and I have been together for about 2 years now or so, I didn't always use it though. Especially if it is stored in hot or bad conditions it has made me feel dizzy and intoxicated, but that is another story...

The thing is, today I have discovered this website that sells it internationally and claims to be the official supplier of ant egg oil, called
They have also bought the domain .

I am not saying anything against them, and I really want a permanent solution for hair removal that is natural, painless and harmless, you know?

I am just saying, if you ever want to buy ant egg oil, first you have to acknowledge it is under your own responsibility. I mean, I don't mean to talk like your grandmother you all, but you know what I'm talking about.

I have always bought it from Turkey and it has been effective so far. Original Tala ant egg oil in a jar. Price less than $10 per bottle, less than £9 per bottle. It definitely runs fast when you use it on your legs, like half a bottle or more every time I remove my legs hair for example.

And also, know that it has worked so far for me. The one I got from Turkey (it is the original supplier).

And even so I am not saying I haven't used it, it was under my own responsibility I guess, but I know it was kind of illegal for them to just freely sell cosmetic products to the UK and Europe and the US without any health compliance certification. I mean, cosmetics in the EU and the US are pretty much among the healthiest due to all the law and regulations that the governments apply to each product out there in the market. As long as it is sold legally... I am not referring to .  Who knows.

But if you want to try it, it has worked so far for me at least for my legs (moustache and face hair is still doing its thing), and I am happy for that.

If you have any questions just ask in the comments or send me an email and I will be glad to answer any question that is not possible to answer using a simple google search or any of my other posts about ant egg oil:

I don't really know how to feel about this, I only know it was kind of my responsibility to write something for all of you that have not still tried this hair removal product...

Please know that it is working slooowly for me, it is toxic and you have to wash your hands very well after applying it and it cannot touch your eyes or mouth, etc. It is meant to use after hair removal (root included) for methods like wax, etc, so it penetrates the hair root and weakens it slowly due to formic acid. It cannot be applied on wounds or anything like that, be very careful.

Apart from that, feel free to share your experience and ask any questions you might need an answer for!  I will be happy to help.

Love and share,

xoxo Amy xoxo

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Kawaii level EASY!+_+ Try to not get hypnotized by this magical art

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OMG so this week and due to some stress and anxiety (yeah I suffer from this a lot due to my work conditions and my fixation to do all I can every single day with no rest), so I have been pretty much tired, unable to sleep at night (and during the day), and very much anxious to the point last Friday I was dropping everything around the house for no reason.

Anxiety made me drop my coffee, drop my soluble cocoa, drop my toothbrush, then hit my hand with the tap, then drop everything while I was cooking in the afternoon trying to make some healthy food for this anxious impatient being. Fortunately I didn't cut myself!!!

But was so anxious and active during the day (still no time to exercise... sigh) that could not sleep at night going to bed around 12 am until I don't know... 4:30 am or so I guess...

So it was time to stop!

Yyyyyup . So, hobby time!

I didnt' really have a lot of fun lately because of working too hard, so I was looking for something pink, pastel, or kawaii to relax a little. Yes, you can check out how kawaii things help to cope with stress and generally help you relax in my last post here:

And so, as I don't really enjoy passively watching TV or series, I found myself this cute craft to make...

AIR DRY CLAY FIGURES AND CHARMS!!!the ultimate easiest kawaii hobby ever

I was so surprised when I saw the results some people had with bought or homemade clay that I was so excited to try! Have a look yourself:

Tutorial here

Or this!

So... I was kawaii forced to try this!!!

So,went to the corner shop and bought some air dry clay, some acrylic paint (light pink of course and yellow for cakes and tigers hehe).

So for a tiny budget and less than £5 I had the whole set I needed. I think most models online use fimo clay for tutorials which seems more manageable than mine, but it turns out really cute when it dries, so to start anything goes I guess.

Aaaand, that's it for today!!! I made a couple of clay charms, a couple of cute clay necklaces, a super kawaii air dry clay cupcake, a kawaii clay bow, a kitten sleeping inside a macaroon (^u^~) that looks so adorable. All in air dry clay and with only white clay and pink and yellow paint! Also a kawaii clay lollipop, a tiny glazed donut, and some other things in less time than I imagined. I even crafted myself a ring, let's see how it turns out once dry, finished and coated. 

And I still have most clay and most paint left!

So... probably the most kawaii hobby ever, and so easy!!! Just check out tutorials, and let us catch you with your hands in the dough!!!

See you next time. Stay kawaii, stay happy!


xoxo Amy xoxo