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BEST HAIR DYE (imo) - ammonia free, smell free, good coverage, nice smell! Durable

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BEST HAIR DYE for thin hair and delicate person- my experience and my honest opinion!

So what is the best hair dye in your opinion?

I have tried the typical every single box in the market, from cheap store 3 usd hair dyes to the most expensive. I even bought a bottle of olaplex from ebays black market to try and dye my hair beautiful!

Why are we looking for the best hair dye in the market - my opinion and experience

We are lucky to get older, but it is not cheap. We have higher and higher beauty standards that have to be followed to form part of this society so -yeah stop pretending it is not true-. A good look is usually significance of status. Beautiful individuals get a different treatment. And over all things, are happier with their look. Generally speaking.

But let's go to the facts around hair dye now

-You have gray hair or white hair that you want to cover
-You want to change your hair color from time to time for fun or for beauty
-You want to change your looks
-Making yourself pretty or handsome makes you happier (nothing to regret here- I love shopping, too. It really objectively rises my mood 5 points out of 10 whenever I shop for beautiful clothes or makeup. Honestly, theres nothing wrong with it -beauty is a good quality in the planet and it is normal that it gives a good impression and feeling whatever its form-.)
-You have an allergy to hair dye
-You are concerned about using too many chemicals (edulcorants, aluminium in makeup and deodorant, sunscreen, led lights, city smog, preservatives in your food, colorants, synthetic fabrics...). We are surrounded by things that affect our health big time but sometimes unaware of them. Having a healthy life now is almost a synonym of isolation. If not impossible.
-You prefer to save some money and / or can't go to the hairdresser to color your hair.
-You have an allergy to PPDs , ammonia or any other one of the innumerable harsh chemicals in them. Don't think that they designed the hair dye thinking about your health in the first place. Well it has good through research and it is effective but think about it like this: how many allergy warnings does it have around the package? How do you feel when you use it?

Remember hair dye and makeup are products so they are designed to be sold. Not to take care of you and your health. 

They have gone through clinical trials because of legislation but remember the danger is still there.

-etc etc etc

Just listed some of the reasons why using hair dye nowadays is not something irrelevant. I think the right choice of the products we need is crucial so as to reach your goals. It is crucial to feel comfortable in your own skin. To make your life easier and happier.
Not like all life is going to go around makeup and such. But read and pay attention.

I tried all the hair dyes, loreal, color riche, schwarzkopf, etc.

Also tried henna and all kinds of natural dyes, green tea, chamomile, red flower petals, beetroot...  honey and cinnamon, spices. Even turmeric.

Going crazy as usual, nothing works at all to cover the numerous white hairs on my head. Everywhere.

So from time to time I keep trying and keep on failing and promising me that

So tried and found this:

Olia ammonia free permanent hair dye.

So, this was my experience after trying another couple of hair dyes and getting so dizzy I had to remove them 5-10 minutes after application even with plenty of ventilation and even using a fan in front of the open window. Something I will not do again to my body.

Sometimes when I apply a permanent hair dye with ammonia no matter the colour, blonde, red, brown or jet black or red or auburn.

-My hands shake
-I feel dizzy and nauseated
-I can't think properly
-I start to sweat with a very weird synthetic odour


So first: I started applying oils to my skin, face, ears and roots to prevent direct contact with the chemicals.

Second: tried to do some research around PPD free hair dyes

Third: Never again ammonia in my life. The last time it was the application and after 10 minutes (everything in a so well ventilated area), I removed it thinking I was going to faint.
After showering and rinsing over and over again, I had to lay down in bed for 2-3 hours and try to drink water to filter out the substances but it LASTED FOR SO LONG. I was officially intoxicated. It was even hard to speak. Not to mention to move from the bed or sit down.

But well.

Fourth: Never applying the hair dye to my scalp!!!! Like, EVER!!!
I try to grab a little drop with my fingers (gloves of course) and apply it 2 cm from the root, then rub it up next to the scalp but always trying it not to touch ME. I refuse to be sick because of this.
Then, combing the section of hair and sometimes making a bun or anything to keep the hair up so it doesn't touch the scalp or lets the hair dye fall to the skin.

So, here is the challenge. But I think that Olia was the first hair dye that now I can use with no strong symptoms of intoxication and with ease.


-It is ammonia free!
-It smells fruity when you apply it (after a while though)
-It is permanent
-Easy to apply
-Gentle on the hair
-Nice range of shades

 This is OLIA hair dye n 8.0 box (it is the one I used)

Olia ammonia free oil based hair dye range of colors.

This is my opinion for the hair dye. I have to admit it has worked out well for me for now.

The result in colour was not perfect the first time but taking into account that I have very dark brown hair and it did not come out orange but more like a strong yellow is something.

Also, have to admit that I kept a part of the content for next applications and I have used it months later after purchasing the box. It still worked and now my hair is a little blonder.

Hope I don't have to give you any other bad news!!!

Wrote this post thinking that Garnier Olia hair dye is a good product and I wanted to thank them for making a (a little more) healthy product so people like me can use. And also let you know about this.

Please be very careful about the chemicals in your routine. Let's all push the market for a healthy change.

What hair dye do you use? Have you tried garnier olia? Are you allergic to hair dyes?

Let us know!

Take care, over all things and build your happy life! :-)

xoxo Amy xoxo

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Kawaii box project! here it comes!

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this 2018 finding the perfect kawaii box online for you is the simplest of things! 

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Kawai translation , what is kawai ? what is kawaii? Kawaii translation

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Kawai translation

Are you looking for the kawai translation?
The meaning of kawai, actually written kawaii, is cute, or adorable, in a way that creates a warm feeling inside of you.

The term kawaii is widely used in some countries like Japan, and japanese use it as a description for virtually anything that is really cute and adorable.
Therefore the kawai translation can be understood as "cute" , adorable, cozy, that gives a warm feeling to the heart.
Usually it is depicted with chubby, wide eyed characters or faces, where everything can be kawaii, from your laptop to your daughter.

You can see some kawaii examples here: kawaii meaning 

Kawaii is not only a meaning, it is a way of life that many people like myself really love and try to follow. Kawaii as a way of life is trying to keep tidy, beautiful, light and beauty in every detail from your appearance to your personality, which is cutely depicted in the japanese urban style lolita to say one example. Also you can understand the kawaii meaning by looking at "chibi" pictures, or cute adorable characters like the same pikachu or most japanese anime mascots and animals.

So, do you now understand the kawaii translation and kawaii meaning? Do you like and love kawaii looks and lifestyle like us?

Here are some examples of kawaii meaning :

the pictures are not mine. OMG she is soo soo sooo so awesome !!!! T_T 

Then, follow for more! I am actually working in a kawaii themed youtube channel and japanese kawaii shop so , please keep connected, FOLLOW AND SHARE! <3

Love and welcome to your bestest decision ever, join the spirit of KAWAII!

jueves, 14 de diciembre de 2017

NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL - tips and secrets you cannot miss! Reviews, tips and more!

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You can watch the videos I will be uploading with all the

beauty reviews
beauty products
makeup tips
cosmetic products reviews
kawaii stuff!!



lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017


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It has been such a long time! sorry for disappearing but I bring you another beauty review! Yay

I have curly fine hair and I decided due to this unstoppable need of taming my mane I tried the keratin treatment in the form of a spray, and afterwards the


But... how does it work, and did it work?

Discover it here:

First: it is not a cheap treatment. I went to one of the best salons for this and this treatment is over $150 so prepare your wallet for the diet.

Second: if you have curly hair like mine and you use an FDA or EUR regulated product , I can assure you will need a second treatment, which is not nice. This can cost you money so make sure to make things clear with your hairdresser.
This second treatment will be really needed if you want your hair to be less frizzy and crazy looking.

This is due to the health regulations avoiding high concentrations of formol in beauty products. It is a potent toxic chemical compound and it will be added to your hair, so beware of allergies or any other kind of reactions. For me, I asked my hairdresser to apply the product 1-2 cm away from the roots, so it would not be absorbed by the scalp during the treatment and the next days: you can't wash your hair for 3 days at least after the treatment.

How does the brazilian keratin permanent straightening work:

The ingredients according to my hairdresser are a little formol, which activates the straightening with heat, 2% or under.
Keratin that repairs the hair fibre structure.
Collagen that repairs and nourishes the hair fibre.

1-Washing the hair and cleaning off residues with a special shampoo.
2- Blow drying the hair upside down so you realize how horribly frizzy it can become when someone does the blow dry upside down. Don't worry. Your real hair is not that bad.
3- Apply the brazilian keratin hair straightening mix thing to your hair with a brooch.
4- Blow dry and comb the hair straight.
5- Flat iron the hair so the product is absorbed and fixated in the hair fibre structure.
6- Not washing your hair during at least 72 h and using the flat iron 1-2 times a day to help the product penetrate the hair follicle and also keep it straight.
7- Use a sulfate and salts free shampoo afterwards. This can cost you extra money so be aware!!!
And ta-daaa, you are finished! 

Final result: A much less frizzy hair. The curls relax and it is a lot more straight. It can happen that the curls relax as in my case and the hair looks frizzy straight.

My experience: I have very fine hair so it does not fall down but instead I ended up with a Lion Queen mane and I had to repeat the treatment twice or three times, I don't even recall right now. My hairdresser wanted to charge me around $20 per extra treatment and finally after promising me a super straight hair even for afro hair, my hair is messy.
The final result for my fine curly 2B hair has not been straight, but at least is not curly. Less frizzy but lots of drying and then also hair iron.

Did it really do what the hairdresser claimed? No.
Did it help me tame my crazy head? Yes, definitely.
Was it worth it? I guess it is less of a mess now.
Do I feel satisfied? I feel somehow lied to. No, I am not 100% satisfied. A little disappointed sometimes.

So, this was my experience with the Brazilian permanent keratin straightening.

What was yours?

Share so we all learn!!

Take care! xoxo

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

5 tips to make your HAIR GROW FASTER! Put your scalpbelts on (PART 1)

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So, have you ever wondered why you can't grow your hair past a certain length?
How it looks weak or breaks after it passes your shoulders?

Today, with all the pollution and chemicals we are surrounded with, plus stress, etc, no wonder why our hair does not look or grow like in the past. It is difficult to grow and once it is growing it is difficult to mantain! To keep a nice mane in order one has to spend a kidney in treatments... and then maintain it!

Today I share with you some tips so the process becomes easier for you. Keep them in mind and apply as frequently as you can so your hair can notice the improvements sooner than later!


The use of this protein in shampoos, once known for being a component in horse's shampoo, has opened many eyes and emptied many wallets!
And for a reason!

Biotin actually improves the quality of hair and also helps the body keep it healthy from the inside. But don't drink the shampoo bottle! You can also have some biotin  supplements which will help you as well.


This is a personal favorite and it really is easy and cheap to do and easy to use as well! It really makes a difference!

Here is the recipe:
Chop an onion in tiny pieces (as tiny as you can). I just put it in the blender and it comes right.
Empty half a bottle of your shampoo, mix the onion residue or the juice without the solids.
Leave in a fresh and dry area for about 15 days, mixing the contents of the bottle from time to time.
Once it has a purple colour, apply as a regular shampoo!

Tip: if it smells very strong for you, you can also try the commercial versions of onion shampoo.

It contains the sulfur compounds that help your scalp produce a lot of hair, faster!
Just try and see the results in some weeks.


What? You can lengthen your hair through your diet??

Yes, you can. Actually you are doing it right now. Whatever you eat actually affects how your body works, and so a nice diet full of vegetables, vitamins in the right dosage and good protein will make not only your hair, but also your skin and all your organs be full of health and happiness!

Make small changes, improve, and enjoy!

4- SCALP TREATMENTS (protein masks and scalp stimulants)

Not so famous in the market for stimulating hair growth but to treat hair loss, treatments that apply directly to the scalp really make a difference in how and how fast your hair is developing and growing.
Imagine your scalp as the soil your hair roots are dug in, so the better you nourish the soil, the faster and healthier the plants will grow! Don't be shy and try a few treatments to see the difference!


As weird as it seems, a reduction in the stress levels helps the body recover faster.

Yes, I know you have heard this thousands and millions of times, and I know it's almost impossible to relax in our everyday world.
But taking things with a different attitude really helps a lot. Taking some minutes for yourself and not every second of the day for others also is a good choice when you need to feel happier.

Try the little changes, and if you can practice some sport, meditation, breathing or mindfulness techniques, please DO!

Your hair and also your brain will definitely notice, you will see!

For now these are the first 5 pieces of advice I could learn from everywhere literally. Over all things keep your treatments going as often as you can until they are part of your routine. You will see a huge difference!

So far, have you tried any? Did they work for you?

Let us know and share the love!

Take care,

xoxo Amy xoxo